The first musical notes: Read and sing in one voice


This section of the site, which includes 37 video exercises to be sung, designed and edited by Vocal Coach Silvana Laudicina, will enable you to learn the first simple notes by identifying their position on the staff as well as to intone them appropriately.

In order to perform the following activities correctly, it is necessary to sing only the BLUE notes, but above all to pay particular attention to their intonation (correct pitch of the sound).

Now let’s sing!

1 – Let us learn the note E which is on the first line of the staff. We recommend that you sing softly.

2 – We learn the note F which is in the first space of the staff

3 – We consolidate knowledge of the notes E and F

4 – We internalise the note D below the first line of the staff

5 – We master the notes D, E and F

6 – We meet the note G on the second line of the staff

7 – Let’s check the notes known so far (D, E, F, G)




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