Ok Rhythm Level 1 – Access password for digital activities (no text)


OkRitmo level 1, aimed at teachers and children mainly between the ages of 4 and 7, is a musical journey on rhythm, engaging and with a purely practical approach.

With its motivating, fun and concretely operational approach, it will enable children to unconsciously acquire the foundations of optimal rhythmic sensitivity, develop neuro-motor coordination, and strengthen self-esteem and attention and concentration skills.

The 84 rhythmic games, which are very easy to use even for teachers with little musical training, are proposed at 3 or 4 increasing speeds (for a total of 440 videos) and have been tried and tested for 20 years by members of our staff who are available to provide, free of charge, explanations and practical advice on how best to perform the proposed activities.

OkRhythm level 1 is part of OkMusic, a project born in Italian, so we apologise for any errors or inaccuracies in the translation.

After viewing and using the free activities (click here), via this page you can purchase the password to access the digital activities for €7.00.

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