Ok Singing 6+ years


OkSinging is the course that will enable children aged 6 and up to learn to read and intone the first notes appropriately as well as effectively educate the musical ear.

It is part of OkMusic.it, a project born in Italian, so we apologise for any errors or inaccuracies in the translation.

74+ activities that are easy to use both by the non-musician teacher and by the pupils independently as they are proposed in an extremely comprehensible manner.

Intonation of single notes and small scales, arpeggios, intervals, sung solfeggios, simple vocalisation guided by a qualified vocal coach. In practice, the vocal coach will interpret each passage, which the students will initially listen to and then, after gaining awareness of their vocal potential and self-confidence, perform with their voices.

Thanks to OkSinging, you can easily create a choir that will correctly intone your chosen songs with 1-, 2- or 3-voice melodies.

After viewing and using the free activities (click here) you can buy the printed book OkSinging 6+ years (teacher’s and pupil’s guide) with colour cover and black and white interior on Amazon for €12.99.

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