Ok Rhythm Level 2 – 7/14 years

OK RHYTHM LEVEL 2 is a multimedia musical propaedeutics course with a purely practical and functional purpose aimed at teachers (musicians and non-musicians) and pupils aged 7 to 14.

The dynamic, motivating, concretely operational and digital approach will enable the acquisition of rhythmic awareness in an effective and fun way and, at the same time, allow the creation of percussion and/or drum groups, e.g. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XvwA419_WIw.

The 351 activities are easy to use, not only for the teacher who has no musical training, but also for the students, as each exercise, successfully tested over the years in the classroom by members of our staff composed of musicians and non-musicians, is illustrated in detail and explained in simple, clear and understandable language for everyone.

The OK RHYTHM LEVEL 2 course is divided into four sections:

  • COUNTING will familiarise you in an elementary way with rhythm by counting beats and using hand clapping;
  • exercises for SYNCHRONISM will develop and train this necessary but, unfortunately, usually neglected skill;
  • a series of RHYTHMIC FRAGMENTS of gradual difficulty will perfect the acquired rhythmic sense and, using percussion instruments, can be used, for example, in the accompaniment of songs;
  • the RHYTHMIC READINGS will allow pupils to approach traditional solfege in an alternative and stimulating way. The exercises will enable them to recognise musical figures (notes and rests) and to read their duration clearly and easily.

All the activities included in OK RHYTHM LEVEL 2 are structured and proposed in a progressive order that will allow you to manage your music time with complete peace of mind.

After viewing and using the free activities, you can purchase the OK RHYTHM LEVEL 2 paper book (teacher’s and pupil’s guide) with colour cover and black and white interior, exclusively on Amazon at the price of 13,99€.

You will then have to:



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