Ok Glockenspiel vol.1 – Didactic method for music education


Ok Glockenspiel vol.1, aimed at pupils from 7 years old, is the first volume of OkMusic.it’s didactic-musical project aimed at learning the instrument at school

A gradual, engaging and emotional journey that will enable them to recognise the first 8 natural notes (D, E, F, G, A, B, C, D) on the staff and the respective ‘fingerings’ to use with the instrument.

Each of the proposed activities is supported by simple and necessary directions on the site that will allow the teacher, even those without a solid musical background, as well as the independent student to benefit from a clear study guide.

80 melodies proposed at progressive speed (386 audio files) will allow you to perform the scores correctly instead of “playing by ear”. At first you will have to listen to them following the text, then read and intone them by singing, finally play them accompanied by the respective backing tracks.

Ok Glockenspiel vol.1 is part of OkMusic.it, a project realised in Italian. We therefore apologise for any errors or inaccuracies in the translation.

Once you have used the free activities (click here), verified the simplicity and clarity of the language used in the study instructions, the progressiveness of the teaching proposals that takes into account the time taken to acquire the content, and finally listened to all 80 melodies in order to appreciate their beauty, you can purchase the printed book on Amazon (teacher’s and pupil’s guide) with colour cover and black and white interior for €12.99.

You will then have to:


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