OkMusic is a structured and immediately operational music training course aimed at children ages 4 to 14, but also an aid for their teachers (even those with few musical skills).

The method, specifically, consists of 1600 activities digitally integrated by technology that will support and facilitate learning: 794 videos, 613 audio files, 149 editable and non-editable PDFs, 29 interactive quizzes/games, and much other multimedia effective and productive material that will initially arouse the interest and enthusiasm of pupils, after which it will lead them to an appreciable musical preparation.

Through OkMusic the boys in fact:

They will increase their rhythmic sensitivity and neuro-motor coordination through counting drills, coordination, rhythmic etching, etc;

they will carry out rhythmic reading activities, i.e. they will approach the musical reading of musical figures (notes and rests) in an alternative and stimulating way thanks to 245 exercises guided by the voice of our teachers;

they will develop their vocal skills to correctly intone melodies for individual and/or choral singing in 1, 2 and 3 voices through hundreds of guided activities;

they will learn, through 155 pieces of gradual difficulty, to play the soprano recorder, the melodica or any keyboard instrument, finally the Glockenspiel (xylophone/metalophone) by making an orchestra of homogeneous or heterogeneous instruments in the classroom from the very beginning, even with a single note;

they will acquire the basics of theory to easily read music notation.

Teachers will be able to create choral, rhythmic and instrumental groups with great ease and speed.

Why choose OkMusic?

  • OkMusic is easily usable by anyone since each activity, successfully tested in the classroom by members of our staff, is explained in detail through the use of simple and clear language! Each exercise is illustrated through tutorials that indicate, from time to time, the procedures for correctly performing the various proposed activities.
  • The staff provides FREE explanations and practical advice to anyone via WhatsApp, Live Chat and e-mail.
  • The method offers the possibility of being able to range, through the use of a single website, among the most important musical areas: singing, rhythm, instrumental practice, theory, rhythmic readings, drum group rhythm activities, drills to approach the bass clef, BeatBox and more.

The texts

Ok Rhythm level 1 – 440 Rhythmic Activities will enable children between the ages of 4 and 7 to: approach music in a fun and engaging way, learn to perform the simplest musical figures (notes and rests), acquire the basics of proper rhythmic behavior and develop neuro-motor coordination.

Click here to learn, in detail, all the features of the book and use the free activities.

Ok Rhythm level 2 is dedicated to children over the age of 7. The 351 activities are divided into four sections:

  • counting, which will familiarize children in an elementary way with rhythm through counting beats and using hand clapping;
  • synchronism drills, which will develop and train this skill that is necessary in music but, unfortunately, usually neglected;
  • a series of rhythmic fragments of gradual difficulty that will refine the acquired rhythmic sense and, using percussion instruments, can be used, for example, in the accompaniment of songs;
  • rhythmic readings, finally, which will enable pupils to recognise musical figures (notes and rests) and to read their duration clearly and simply.

Click here to learn, in detail, all the features of the book and use the free activities.


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